Zip FL1000G4 KIT HydroTap Limescale Filter installation Kit G4 7000 Litres

Product code: ZIP FL1000G4

Product information

Zip HydroTap limescale filter installation kit G4 7000 Litres.

Includes the installation kit and a single filter - see image 1.

Manufacturer says....

This FL1000KIT Zip Water Limescale Prevention Filter Installation Kit is a limescale prevention filter that is ideal for small commercial and residential HydroTap systems with 4-10 users.

It is recommended that the Zip Hydrotap FL1000 filter is used when the water hardness level is above 4 degrees Clark (60 parts per million CaCO3), which applies to more than 60% of the population.

Part Number: FL1000G4 KIT

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Technical specifications

Brand Zip
Condition New
Product Code ZIP FL1000G4
Weight 2kg